Do you feel stuck in a career that's no longer fulfilling and you believe you're not able to make a difference? You can find your Job Joy again.

Today, Dr. B welcomes Kristen Zavo to LeaderTHRIVE Podcast. Kristen is a career transition expert, speaker, and author of Job Joy: Your Guide to Success, Happiness and Meaning in Your Career.

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With nearly two decades experience in traditional corporate jobs (including time in investment banking, consulting and industry), Kristen Zavo understands the frustrations, fears and challenges that come with realizing you’re in the wrong profession – and figuring out what to do next.

As a recovering workaholic and former consultant and corporate strategist, she understands the frustrations, fears and challenges that come with realizing that you’re in the wrong profession.

She believes everyone deserves a career that excites and inspires them – and the feeling of happiness and fulfillment that comes from meaningful work.


Through her work as an executive coach, speaker, workshop facilitator and as the author of Job Joy, she has formally and informally helped thousands of clients, colleagues and friends find job satisfaction – whether they chose to stay put, find a new job or completely change careers.

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