Dr. Jason Brooks

CEO and Managing Partner

Dr. Jason Brooks' purpose and mission is to grow high-impact leaders who build high-performing organizations. He has over two decades experience in aligning, engaging, growing, and inspiring leaders in multi-million and multi-billion dollar organizations in multiple industries including healthcare, hospitality, consulting, distribution, and manufacturing. He is an expert in leading personal and organizational transformation of all kinds.


He is an accomplished executive, leadership and consulting psychologist, bestselling author, speaker and host of the LeaderTHRIVE Podcast. In everything he does, his focus is to lead on the journey for change, growth, and success with everyone he meets.


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Success doesn't happen by accident

It requires vision for the future, focus for today, intentionality in every decision and action, and commitment to create a life of success and to leader with high-impact.

That's why I created the Life Leadership Success System...to give you the tools to stay on track and on target and live a life of success and significance.

There are a lot of resources to help you be more productive. Believe me and I've tried them all. But they all seemed to fall a little short for what I needed.
So, since I couldn't find the tools I needed to be the best version of me, I created it.

I created the Life Leadership Success System to:

  • Build alignment between who you are and what you do

  • Maintain focus and engagement in all areas of life

  • Clarify and link your annual goals to your quarterly priorities and daily actions

  • Evaluate your progress and provide a guide to make adjustments as needed

  • Link your digital solutions to a written planner

  • Unleash creativity which often comes through writing

  • Provide a simple, structured way for journaling, which is so essential for everyone

Modeled after the mindset of the 12 Week Year, the Life Leadership Success System is an annual system divided into four quarters (3 months, or 12 weeks each). 
Each quarter you will receive a Life Leadership Success Guidebook which is your daily companion to help you stay on track and on target with what is most important for you and what is moving you closer to your goals, dreams and vision.
You will also receive a Life Leadership Journal where you will spend just a few minutes every day capturing your thoughts in a structured way. You don't have to be a great writer, just answer some quick questions. Over time you'll be able to go back to your journals and see just how far you've come personally and professionally. 
Bringing the Life Leadership Success Guidebook and Life Leadership Journal together are a powerful combo for you to create the life and legacy you've always dreamed.

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